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How Common is Inadequate Lubrication? Approximately 40% of females in the United States have reported inadequate lubrication during sexual activity, making it the

In human sexual behavior, foreplay is a set of emotionally and physically intimate acts between two or more people meant to create sexual arousal and desire for

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Most of the time, people emphasize how much foreplay matters to women – which it does – but men’s sex lives can also benefit from putting some extra effort in

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Foreplay is a fundamental part of the whole lovemaking experience. Most men and women experienced in sex will agree that the best sexual encounters should include

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6 Body Parts You Should Never Ignore During Foreplay. And no, none rhyme with shmenis or shmagina.

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Sexual foreplay isn’t just for women. Here are some of the reasons why men avoid sexual foreplay—and why they shouldn’t.

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Have you and your honey been neglecting pre-sex play? Here are some ways to spice up your sexual routine.

Kama Sutra Ancient Indian Philosophy of Kama Sutra: On Foreplay Chapter X Kama Sutra – On Foreplay, Post Coition & Lovers Quarrels. In the pleasure room, decorated

Use these sexual foreplay tips to help bring your wife to sexual arousal. It’s important to take enough time for her body to respond.

Looking to improve intimacy in your relationship? Here are 4 foreplay games to try before having sex with your partner.

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