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Maury Povich, who continues to post record ratings on his hit syndicated talk show Maury, returned Sept. 13, 2004, for a seventh season of NBC Universal Domestic

Mar 17, 2017 · A Tennessee teen and the 50-year-old former teacher who is suspected to be with her are still missing, and investigators are concerned about the

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We like to think we’ve got a pretty good handle on how sex works at this point, but to be honest, we’d have paid way more attention in sex ed class if they’d told us

Although the very word “twins” calls up visions of perfectly matched babies, the truth is that fraternal, or non-identical, twins are far more common than their

Feb 11, 2013 · 13-year-old psycho believes that she is old enough to have a baby.

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Maury Teen Moms Babies 67, official website of the syndicated television show, that explores compelling relationship and family issues.

May 19, 2013 · OTHER PARTS OF THE EPISODE!!! “Oversexed & d Maury Confronts Wild Teens!”, September 24, 2009: “You’z Gettin Old!”

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Watch full episodes of Maury and get the latest breaking news, exclusive videos and pictures, episode recaps and much more at

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Mar 24, 2017 · From left: Mary Catherine Elizabeth Thomas and Tad Cummins. Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. In a previous interview with PEOPLE, Thomas’ teen, Sarah

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